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4th Annual Securing your Place of Worship

4th Annual Securing your Place of Worship

Shaping Safety through Culture and Environment, Simon Osamoh, Founder Kingswood Security Consulting
Violence Prevention Through Crisis Intervention, James Densley, PhD., The Violence Project
Strategies to Improve Prevention, Wes Pederson Director of Security, Eagle Brook Church
Overcome the Assailants Advantage, Tina Rowe, Former United States Marshal for Colorado
How to Conduct an Effective Tabletop Exercise – Importance and Getting Started, Brett Lawler, Kingswood Security Consulting
Cyber Liability Joe Kuchinka Founder Proverus Insurance
Lessons Learned from the Deadliest Church Attacks, Carl Chinn Faith Based Security Network

4th Annual Securing your Place of Worship
  • Preview 4th Annual Securing your Place of Worship

  • Shaping Safety Through Culture and Environment (13:57)

    Simon Osamoh is a nationally recognized church safety practitioner, former British Police Detective, Counter Terrorism Security Manager at Mall of America Minnesota where he oversaw the internationally recognized behavior detection program. He is the founder of the Worship Security Association an...

  • Violence Prevention Through Crisis Intervention (19:10)

    James Densley, Ph.D., is the senior security advisor to both the Worship Security Association and Kingswood Security Consulting for education and criminal research. He is an associate professor of criminal justice at Metropolitan State University and co-founder of The Violence Project LLC. He has...

  • Strategies to Improve Prevention (13:15)

    Strategies to Improve Prevention

  • Overcome the Assailants Advantage (32:49)

    Tina Rowe has Thirty-three years of challenging, real-world leadership experiences. Twenty-five years with the Denver Police Department, from patrol officer to Captain. Commanded the Training Academy, Internal Affairs and the Northeast Denver Patrol District. Eight years as the Presidential appoi...

  • How to Conduct an Effective Table Top (15:01)

    How to Conduct an Effective Table Top

  • Cyber Liability (9:12)

    Joe Kuchinka entered the insurance and risk management industry over 31 years ago. Starting from entry level positions, he has worked his way up to the ownership position he enjoys today. His expertise is managing risk for medium sized companies with a strong emphasis on Cyber
    related issues. He ...

  • Lessons Learned from the Deadliest Church Attacks (47:55)

    Carl Chinn was introduced to the need for security while serving as building engineer for Focus on the Family, a Colorado ministry founded (and led at the time) by Dr. James Dobson. Like others in faith-based management, Chinn had dismissed the subject of emergency readiness and security through ...