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Safety Training 101

Safety Training 101

This three-part teaching series will provide knowledge as to why safety and security is so important at churches, how to identify risk, learn the four rules of suspicious behavior, and how to take action during emergency situations. This curriculum is designed for volunteers and church staff.

Simon Osamoh is a nationally recognized church safety practitioner, former British Police Detective, and oversaw Counter-Terrorism at Mall of America Minnesota where he oversaw the internationally recognized behavior detection program. He is the founder of the Worship Security Association and Kingswood Security and the author of the books Security Church Operations and Responding to Suspicious Behavior. Simon has been an advisor to hundreds of churches across the country on safety and security, He is a Christian, member of Westwood Community Church in Excelsior Minnesota where he also serves as Security Advisor.

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Safety Training 101
  • Preview Safety Training 101

  • Safety and Security (5:18)

    As the church, our focus is on ministry, community, and keeping people safe. Our challenge is that we live in a time where crime knows no boundaries. It’s in our schools, our places of work, and even our houses of worship. In this first session of this three-part series written for church leaders...

  • Understanding Suspicious Behavior (7:18)

    In the second part of this three-part series, we tackle the subject of suspicious behavior at a house of worship. Most often violence and crime can be prevented by addressing the unusual behaviors before they escalate to the point of action. These behaviors are often signs of deeper problems, add...

  • Taking Action (4:20)

    In this third session, we address how to take action during safety incidents. Deciding when and how to take action in security ministry can be a challenge, especially if you are a staff member or volunteer and it is not your role. We are placed in tough and challenging situations every day that w...