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Watch Free Training Videos

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Watch Free Training Videos
  • Strategies to Improve Prevention (13:15)

    Wes Pederson is the Safety and Security Director of Eagle Brook Church of Minnesota. Eagle Brook Church is a multi-site church that has 9 locations, recognized as the largest church in Minnesota and the 10th largest church in the country.

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  • Mind of Mass Killer: The Dylann Roof Story (38:23)

    In this presentation, Dr. Jarret Brachman breaks down the Mind of a Mass Killer: The Dylann Roof Story. Dr. Jarret Brachman is the senior advisor of intelligence services for Kingswood Security. He is a specialist on global terrorism and violent extremism. Brachman retains a formal advisory role ...

  • Worship Attack Cycle (8:15)

    The worship attack cycle is a process carried out before a person enters a criminal act. In worship, this cycle would consist of finding a church target, gathering information about the church, observing church operations, practicing a plan then the taking action. As a member of the church or rel...

  • Could A French Style Church Terrorism Attack Happen In America? (5:45)

    In October 2020 three people were killed in a Catholic Church in Nice, France. Simon Osamoh asks the question, could this style of attack happen here in America?

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  • Shaping Culture through Safety and Environment (13:57)

    Simon Osamoh is a nationally recognized church safety practitioner, former British Police Detective, Counter Terrorism Security Manager at Mall of America Minnesota where he oversaw the internationally recognized behavior detection program. He is the founder of the Worship Security Association an...

  • Pivot your church safety for a prepared holiday season (4:55)

    Are you wondering what the 2020 holiday season means for the safety of your church? How can you best serve your community through faithful preparedness built on strong theological foundations? Here are four things to help pivot your ministry towards a prepared holiday season

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  • 7 Steps for Protecting Your Faith Community (9:11)

    The 7 Steps to Action: Identify your security culture, start a safety committee, protect your perimeter, conduct a security assessment, write policies and procedures, train staff and volunteers, implement a safety team.

    Simon Osamoh is a nationally recognized church safety practitioner, former ...

  • The Largest Church Safety Curriculum

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